Nest Founder Matt Rogers Details Future Plans For Their Digital Thermostat, International Expansion In The Works

Matt Rogers is the Founder and VP of Engineering at Nest and brought his latest thermostat – a steel-clad beauty with improved design and sensor placement – to our stage at CES 2013.

This year at Nest has been full of changes. The company launched a new version in October and improved the iPad/iPhone app. They also began sending emails to users describing energy usage in their area and detailing how much they’ve saved during the period.

Rogers told us about their recent outage, explaining that their activation servers went down because they had sold so many units. It was, he said, the only thermostat that people wanted to leave under the tree for the holidays which, I believe, is a first in the realm of home electronics mostly associated with Home Depot.

He also talked about the market for the thermostats, explaining that 10 million are sold every year in the U.S. and Canada. He expects to see updates to the device and software and, most interestingly, plans to expand out of the country.