Google Opens Up Registration For “Advanced Power Searching” Program

Collectively, we probably barely use half of the power that Google Search has locked inside of its walls. If you don’t consider yourself to be a “Power Googler,” have no fear – the company has opened up registration for a program it’s calling “Advanced Power Searching.” It sounds pretty fancy, but it’s just a series of online courses to help you get the most out of Google and its most important service: search.

Here’s what Dan Russell, Über Tech Lead for Search Quality and User Happiness (awesome title), had to say about it today:

Advanced Power Searching with Google helps you gain a deeper understanding of how to become a better researcher. You will solve complex search challenges similar to those I posed in my blog, or a Google a Day, and explore Google’s advanced search tools not covered in the first class.

Oftentimes the most intriguing questions invite you to explore beyond the initial answer, and there’s no single correct path to get there. When looking for questions that can’t be solved with a single query, “search” can quickly turn into “research.” Google Search offers a palette of tools to help you dive deeper into the web of knowledge.

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 5.28.39 PM (1)

Screenshot_1_8_13_8_52_AMThe program, which is free, starts on January 23rd and runs until February 8th. If you take all of the classes and follow the search tips, you’ll probably be able to track the history of your Aunt Tilly in no time at all. By teaching us how to use its products better, Google can keep advancing without the fear of leaving consumers behind.

If you use Google, then you know that you can get more out of it when you change the way that you pose questions in the search box. By rephrasing things, you find yourself getting better, and more relevant, results. It’s actually a skill, if you will. This program comes after its first run, Power Searching with Google. Will “super advanced searching” be next? We will see.

When companies get “too advanced” without notifying the public properly, things are a mess. Ask Facebook how that goes every single time that it changes a main component of its social network.

If you’re interested in signing up, simply fill out a quick form, and you’re all set to get your learn on. Or at least how to Google the correct way to say that.

[Photo credit: Flickr]