Join Us Live From CES Unveiled, The First Official Event Of CES 2013 #CEScrunch

CES 2013 is here! Join us live with the live video stream above and send us questions and comments with the hashtag #CEScrunch.

Tonight, on a cool Sunday evening, CES 2013 officially kicks off in the bowels of the massive Mandalay Bay complex. It’s CES Unveiled, a mini-Consumer Electronic Show upon itself.

Unveiled is coined the official press event of CES. Within CES Unveiled are small booths from the standard companies in consumer electronics — Lenovo, iHome, Belkin, and dozens more established players and upstarts. CES Unveiled, and its similar counterparts later this week, Pepcom and Showstoppers, are tiny slices of CES housed in a more manageable venue with an open bar. We come for the free drinks.