FrameBlast Has A Crack At The Instagram For Video Category With A Smart iOS App

A number of startups have attempted to create what might be termed the “Instagram for video”. Now, before you throw up in your mouth at such an idea, consider the players so far. Well known Smule entered the race with its Strum app. Viddy, the popular social video app, shot for this target. And let’s not forget Magisto, Lumify – and even good old iMovie. But there’s no reason to assume anyone has cracked it, and now there’s a new kid on the block in the form of FrameBlast on iOS [iTunes link].

FrameBlast is a simple, free video app which allows you to record and merge videos, or pull them from your existing videos on the phone, add a soundtrack and simple special effects, making it simple to use for novices. The videos can be saved locally or shared on social networks.

We’d pass over many such pitches along these lines, were it not for the fact that FrameBlast is coming out of Clearer Partners, an enterprise ‘cloud video’ startup that has been making waves in the UK with its high-end approach to video and its long experience in online video. Co-Founders Steve Allen and Aaron Dey comes from working with Nordisk Film, The BBC, Joost and the British Parliament amongst others.

There are seven original tunes pre-installed with the app, or users can use tracks in their iTunes library, or have no soundtrack.

Given that others, like Viddy, are only single clip of limited duration, FrameBlast is thus looking pretty good.
It allows you to shoot landscape in portrait mode and preform a full record, edit, (instagram type) colour grade and share with only one thumb while holding the iPhone naturally. Editing styles include desaturated film stock, warm lomo, California daylight, Film Noir, classic tone, hot sunny saturated and fast action jump cuts. The app outputs high definition video, supports iPhone 3GS and 4/4S, but is optimized for iPhone 5. Android and Pro versions will be launched soon.

Saving the video creates a high res version that you can view immediately in HD on TV (via AppleTV) or can be shared on Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr ( is in development to act as Professional hub).

The question is, does it fulfil the Instagram for video requirements as laid down by Peter Csathy, President & CEO of online video technology company Sorenson Media, who recently wrote about this very subject for TechCrunch?

He specified:

(1) Easy-to-use HD video capture

Yes, FrameBlast looks like it has that.

(2) Apple-like user experience (U/X), which means seamless integration with the video capture device and one-click filters, effects, private/public sharing

Yes, it has that.

(3) Immediate untethered fast file uploading to the cloud


(4) Optimized cloud transcoding

We’re not sure about this one, but there will be a FrameBlast portal.

(5)Intuitive video content management (CMS) from the device itself and any connected device

It is pretty intuitive, granted.

(6) Intelligent & secure delivery/playback

It does play back, yes.

Funding wise, FrameBlast currently has undisclosed seed funding from Outer Capital and £100,000 incoming from the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board Tech City competition.