Fly Or Die: Snapchat

As an old man, I find Snapchat to be baffling at best but Jordan and I duke it out in the Thunderdome that is Fly or Die and come, in the end, to a conclusion.

As Jordan notes, the draw to Snapchat comes from this era’s impetus towards over-sharing. Whereas my generation – slackers, baby boomers, and the like – feel that photographs are essentially permanent memories, this generation believes they are overexposed. By offering a vent for various silly urges, Snapchat lets kids post funny pictures without worrying that they’ll show up on Facebook or the evening news.

Some believe it’s a sexting app and we both disagree. As we note, it takes a lot longer than a few seconds to really pull off solid sexting.

In the end, Jordan and I disagreed and I deleted Snapchat, secure in my world of Kodachrome, Instagram, and the immutable image.