Gift Guide: The Blancier Grand Cru Watch For The Coffee Lover In Your Life

Short Version

As we approach crunch time, I’ve decided to focus on cool gifts that you can still get for those folks who are hardest to buy for. To that end, here’s something decidedly cool and/or odd: it’s a handmade watch whose face is a smashed Nespresso pod. At about $600 it’s a bit pricey but, behind the silly facade is a handmade timepiece that the coffee-loving watch-hound in your life might enjoy.

Long Version


  • Mechanical movement
  • Handmade case


The Grand Cru is…

… an odd duck, to be sure. You have to be really into Nespresso and watches at exactly the same time in your life and, although I love Blancier’s custom watches, this is a hard sell for me. But, if you need something for someone impossible to buy for, this might be just the ticket.

Buy the Grand Cru for…

… someone who loves coffee and fine watches. In the Venn diagram of those two swathes of humanity, the overlapping section is definitely going to be small but hey, why not? If you’re planning to order, tell the folks at Blancier that you’re looking for a quicker delivery than six weeks but, because this watch is handmade, it make take a little while.


… Blancier makes a good watch and this is a clever, if somewhat goofy, one-off creation. If you’re wondering why this even exists then you’re asking the wrong question. Instead, ask yourself if there’s anyone on your list who wants a nice watch and loves espresso. If the question still confounds you then move along, there’s nothing to see here.