Peanut Labs Launches Samplify, Promising A DIY, Flexible Approach To Market Research

Social media research company Peanut Labs is launching a new product today called Samplify, which co-founder and CEO Noman Ali described as a “DIY” approach to the company’s core sampling product.

Normally, setting up a sampling project (i.e. surveying a representative sample of the population for market research) with Peanut Labs or another company requires a lot of back-and-forth, Ali said, often over email: “from delivery feasibility to cost estimates to project set up to soft launch and then continuous monitoring while the project is in field.”

“While this is effective and probably a good fit for some agencies, it is not the most efficient process and sometimes takes days, let alone hours,” he added. “With Samplify, we aim to enable market research firms — of all sizes — to be able to field their research projects in a matter of minutes without sacrificing the quality, either for the sample or for the research process itself.”

With Samplify, the company is giving researchers a dashboard where they can design and run the projects on their own. The dashboard allows researchers to check on the feasibility and pricing of their projects, test project links, target respondents based on more than 100 different attributes, then launch the surveys and check on their progress at any time. Ali said projects should take only a few minutes to set up, and only a few more minutes for results to start coming in.

Peanut Labs, which was acquired by E-Rewards in 2010, says it has built up a respondent pool of “tens of millions of consumers and business professionals,” thanks to partnerships with hundreds of websites and social networks. The company has been launching a number of products, such as, to make the research process quick and affordable.