Gift Guide: HTC One X+

Short Version

Android phones! There are some that I love. The HTC One X was one of those, thanks to a very attractive external package alongside an Android skin (Sense) that had a fairly light touch and didn’t mess with most of Android’s good features, but brought some nice additional touches to the mix. The HTC One X+ is like the One X, but made better in nearly every important respect. Not surprisingly, that improves my impression of it, too.

Long Version


  • Fast, quad-core processor
  • LTE network support
  • 64GB of built-in storage


  • Android 4.1
  • 1200 x 720, 4.7-inch display
  • MSRP: $650 unlocked, $199.99 on two-year term
  • Product page

The HTC One X+ is…

… A powerful upgrade of HTC’s well-designed and executed HTC One X flagship Android phone. It brings an improved quad core processor to the mix, which is double the number of cores on the U.S. version of the One X, and it’s faster at 1.7 GHz. It has double the storage of the One X, and a beefier battery at 2100mAh. That’s especially nice, because the original already impressed with its 1800mAh power reserve.

Buy the HTC One X+ for…

… Anyone looking for their first Android phone. Seriously, the One X+ is a fantastic device that improves on its predecessor where it counts (performance and battery life) and leaves everything else pretty much the same. That’s a very good thing. Especially for newbies, HTC’s phones do a good job of delivering Android in a package that may not appeal to Android purists, but that definitely hits a sweet spot for general users.


… HTC just quietly goes around doing a great job at making smartphones. It’s amazing to me that this company doesn’t get more of the U.S. consumer market. Samsung makes some fine phones, but if I’m feeling a little Android, I’d much rather grab the One X+, despite better battery life and cameras on the Galaxy S III and Note II. The only real downside of this device is that it’s still a little pricy on contract, but if you’ve got the money and Samsung’s designs just don’t excite you, this is the way to go.