LinkedIn Launches Ads API, Enabling Custom Tools For Large-Scale Campaigns

LinkedIn is announcing a new Ads API, which could bring more large-scale social marketing campaigns to the professional networking site.

In a blog post that the company plans to publish on its marketing website later today, Marketing Solutions Lead Jen Weedn writes that API access has been one of the most-requested features from LinkedIn’s “tens of thousands” advertisers. Until now, those advertisers were limited to the company’s self-serve interface, but with the API outside developers can build customized tools for running LinkedIn campaigns. Weedn says:

What if you could automatically generate dozens of campaigns and test hundreds of creative elements across LinkedIn’s B2B targeting facets? What if you could reallocate marketing spend across channels including LinkedIn in real time to optimize your goals? Now you can.

The initial API partners include Adobe (specifically through its AdLens product), business advertising startup Bizo, and social marketing platform Unified. LinkedIn says approved API developers will receive high-level support, including “a direct line of communication with our product management team.”

Interested developers can read more and apply here.