Nintendo’s Wii Mini Tipped By Best Buy Canada For December 7 Release

Sony’s PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360 have both seen physical hardware design changes in their many years on the market, but the Wii has remained mostly the same since its launch, with a minor update last year that made it slightly smaller. Now that Nintendo has released the Wii U, however, it looks like a bigger change is on the way for its older console, called the Wii Mini.

The Wii Mini is front-and-center on the Best Buy Canada website (where it still appears, promising pre-orders but with a link that redirects to a main Nintendo Wii category page). Nintendo hasn’t made any official announcement, and pricing details still aren’t known, but the box art depicted in the image shows a two-tone black and red console for what will most likely be a slimmed down version of the same Wii we know and love.

The Wii Mini has been rumored in the past, and is expected to ship with essentially the same load of accessories as its predecessor (one Wii Remote Plus with jacket, one Nunchuk, sensor bar), but no word so far on what software will come in the box, if any.