Just In Time For Bowl Season, StatMilk Brings Its Amazing College Football Stats Platform To iOS

College football bowl season is finally upon us and with that comes countless bets, wagers and arguments. It’s dangerous to go alone. Arm yourself with StatMilk’s iOS app.

Everyone knows Notre Dame’s record. Perfect season. 12-0. But what about their yards per game? Turnovers throughout the season? Attendance on road games? No one knows that stuff – no one but StatMilk.

Atlanta-based StatMilk launched just before the 2012 college football season. The website a one-stop-shop for college football junkies. Seriously. The site offers a dead-simple portal to stats for all of the NCAA’s 124 football teams. And now it’s on iOS.

The iOS version is available for free, but is limited to general stats (that’s still a lot of info). Spend $1.99 to get rid of the ads. For $2.99 it loads 10 years of NCAA stats and unlocks all the data filters to better sort teams by offense, defense, and scoring.

The free version still offers enough information to settle bar fights. With just several clicks, you can see Michigan won every home game, but was just 2-4 in other stadiums. It shows that Florida was 11-1 even though it ranked 103rd throughout the NCAA in offense. What was Nebraska’s most attended game in the 2012 season? It occurred on October 6th at Ohio State when 106,102 people filled the stadium.

We met StatMilk’s creator Dave Marks during our Southern Meetup Tour over the summer. He built the platform himself which aggregates the stats made publicly available through the NCAA. Even the early version looked great but since launching a few months back, the site has matured into a fantastic service.

Hit up the App Store for the free StatMilk app.

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