Drop Everything Immediately And Make Your Own Gangnam Style Video With JibJab

[protected-iframe id=”9d0ede211e1dd78ff9da61d41f0c5508-24588526-24986667″ info=”http://aka.zero.jibjab .com/client/zero/ClientZero_EmbedViewer.swf?external_make_id=seOemySyRbWOkEcXNJfJuw&service=www.jibjab.com&partnerID=holidays” width=”567″ height=”319″]

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

A TechCrunch tradition: wasting time in the office by putting ourselves and coworkers into JibJab videos (and then posting them). They just released a Gangnam Style one, starring you as Psy. Get to it.