Nitrogram Raises $1M To Mine The Growing Instagram Eco-System For Businesses

The social media analytics space continues to grow, and and we’ve seen the likes of Statigram do cool things but with a B2C orientation. Olapic and Chute are putting customer photos and social media on clients’ sets. Now a startup called Teleportd has used its experience with social, location-based photos to come up with a B2B play – perhaps going a slightly more lucrative route, as many other B2C startups have. Its Nitrogram product attempts to make sense of Instagram photos for brands. The company is also announcing a fund-raising of $1million from European VC Connect Ventures and U.S.-based Betaworks.

Nitrogram, launched in October, is a marketing and social engagement platform for brands to better analyse and use the earned media they are generating on Instagram.

Co-founder Gabriel Hubert says, “Brands are excited to get access to the photos around their products. They want to engage with customers, through campaigns like Ben & Jerry’s recent #captureeuphoria photo contest.” He says the service has already signed up four of the leading 10 brands on Instagram, and is growing its user base by 20 percent weekly. For instance, they say the UK toy store #Hamleys was still beating #faoschwarz in the number of photos (1,406 vs. 303) and reach (236K vs. 65K) over the past month.

Teleportd emerged out of European accelerator Seedcamp, and also has a small group of angels, such as Seatwave CEO Joe Cohen and early Skype employee and Transferwise CEO Taavet Hinrikus.