The Oatmeal Is Sued Again, This Time By An Obscure Greeting Card Manufacturer

Can Matthew Inman catch a break? This time the cartoonist also known as The Oatmeal is being sued by Oatmeal Studios, a card manufacturer famous for their Spenser’s Gifts-style greeting cards including the classic “At our age who needs a GPS… …if we can’t remember why we got in the car in the first place?! Have a memorable birthday!”

Inman is now producing cards with Recycled Greetings, and Oatmeal Studios believes that his work infringes on their trademark. Ars notes that Oatmeal Studios “says that Inman’s use of The Oatmeal is too similar, and likely to confuse consumers, who may believe the businesses are related.” Oatmeal Studios has been producing their art for 35 years and is based in Massachusetts.

I’ve contacted Mssrs. Oatmeal Studios and Oatmeal, but the holiday weekend will probably slow down the process. Here’s hoping this can be settled amicably and without bearsex.

via Ars