Sync.ME Closes $4M In Funding To Scale Up Its Social Contact Syncing iOS App

Back in March we reported that Smartsync – a social contact synchronization service for the iPhone – was getting good traction because of its social calling features. The app displays the latest Facebook statuses or photos from the person calling onto the screen as they ring. Since then the startup has renamed itself Sync.ME and it announces today that it has closed a $4 million funding round with undisclosed private investors.

Shlomo Unger, CEO and co-founder says the new funding will go towards scaling up and fund the development of new features.

Sync.ME now has 5 million users and claims to be syncing over one billion contacts worldwide each week. Part of that traction is because it has become something of a hit in Japan after it implemented a Japanese langauge supported search algorithm in the latest version.

Sync.ME updates your iPhone contacts with photos, birthdays, and statuses from your contacts’ Facebook profiles. So for example, if someone calls you and you see their Facebook status is “Big meeting this afternoon” you can ask them about it. Hello, omnipotence. Sync.ME also keeps contact pictures synced with their Facebook profile pictures. And as friends change numbers, addresses, and email addresses the app syncs all the information.