Poikos Takes The Prize At The Pioneers Festival In Vienna

The Pioneers Festival kicked off in Vienna this week and by the looks of the 2,300 attendees at the amazing Hofburg Imperial palace, the conference is shaping up to be a stand-out event in Europe, not least because it is enormously upbeat and positive. Something we need more of in Europe. With a palace as a setting, art installations and a Croatian-born electric super car in the foyer (the Rimac), this is quite a ‘European’ event. The location of Vienna also means it’s attracting a lot of German, Austrian, Central, Eastern and Southern European startups. Hell, they can drive or get a train here from just about anywhere in Europe. Poikos a UK-based startup with a technology for imaging and measuring the body in 3D, was the overall winner in the startup competition, winning €25,000 prize money. Klash won the audience choice. Helioz won second place and BeamApp won third place. So here’s a fast run-down of the startups appearing, you can grab links to them from this page.


Their pitch: Poikos is a computer vision systems house which has developed a revolutionary patent-‐pending technology for imaging and measuring the body in 3D, using consumer grade hardware such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. We are developing a platform for the delivery of our technology to partners within the fitness, entertainment, health and e-‐commerce sectors, for a range of amazing new capabilities across all industries. The processing is cloud-‐based, and we have worked with 9apps.net to ensure the scalability of our infrastructure. In terms of revenue, we charge app developers service and support charges on-‐going, commensurate with use. For corporate clients, we have an expected revenue-‐based licensing fee structure. We already have some of the largest e-‐commerce companies in Europe and beyond signed up to license our technology. We have massive interest from the bespoke apparel, and health & lifestyle sectors also.

Their pitch: Gabi is the first social network assistant that tells you all the gossip happens in Facebook. A B2C personal analytics tool that will allow you to discover hidden content. With Gabi users have the control about what they want to see. Gabi learns, and tells users social suggestions about the most relevant content, such as which of my friends are the single girl most liked. Or: “Dude! Alex Moore has a lot of friends in common with you. Is that true in real life too or are all these people just acquaintances? Gabi keeps you updated about the coolest things happens in Facebook. Your daily Facebook gossip.

Their pitch: Babelverse is the universal translator of the spoken word, a platform for real-‐time
interpretation powered by people, in any language. After disrupting the conferences
industry (and making live video available in multiple languages, for people who
would be unable to attend, let alone understand), Babelverse will soon allow
anybody to benefit from on-‐the-‐spot interpretation, over the phone or via the
internet, during their everyday conversations, when doing traveling, for business, or
any situation where they find themselves needing to communicate in a different
language, for around the cost of a taking a taxi. It also provides a new source of
income for skilled multilinguals and professional interpreters alike.

Their pitch: SHOWROOM is a complete e-‐commerce solution for independent fashion designers.
It allows them to sell and promote their products in three on-‐line channels: their
Facebook fanpage, own website, and multibrand shwrm.com. SHOWROOM is fitted
with useful tools for managing stock, invoicing, shipping (integration with the UPS
logistic system) and promotion in social media. We launched in January 2012 and
already are the biggest marketplace with independent fashion in Poland, with more
than 400 designers and brands using our platform on a daily basis. In March 2012
we’ve received a seed financing from a Polish VC HardGamma Ventures, and right
now we are closing down the Series A round that will let us expand internationally.
Their pitch: Flat-‐Club is LinkedIn for Short-‐Term-‐Renting. Helping alumni & students of top
universities find short term accommodation by leveraging existing social networks to
create trust. With this pitch (&the idea behind it) we won the TechCrunch 2012 One
Sentence Pitching Challenge – ranked first out of 650 startups globally.
We launched in London with 5 flats 18 months ago and grown to over 2,000 flats &
rooms in 20 cities within a year. By focusing on a niche market, we developed a
tailored solution which is already being promoted by 30 top universities including :
Columbia Business School, INSEAD, King’s College, LSE, IESE, and others. Flat-‐Club is a member of London Business School Incubator and Google Campus and is based in

Bevelity Design
Their pitch: Bevelity offers a professional subscription-‐based software platform that lets our users Create, Publish and Share interactive 3D on the web.
2011 saw how $14 Billion were invested by 26 million by creative 3D professionals to:
·∙ Develop awesome 3D apps, games for mobile devices, digital signage, smart TV and the internet
·∙ Create engaging adds and multimedia content
·∙ Create CAD designs, for architecture, industrial design and product configurations
Putting this on the web is a challenge.
Their pitch: EISENHOWER is a bootstrapped task management solution based on the proven
Eisenhower matrix time management principle.
Built with simplicity in mind, we provide you with a suite of software applications
and tools to focus and work on the most important tasks, including a free web app, a
paid iPhone app and and the Eisenhower matrix printed on paper notepads for
people who prefer to keep track of their work offline.
While helping you to prioritize and plan easily, EISENHOWER minimizes stress on the
one hand and increases productivity on the other by focussing on supporting you to
actually complete tasks, not only compile never-‐ending lists.
We are also offering B2B services like time management trainings and high-‐volume
notepad orders.

Their pitch: Digital has been an essential part of how we build our brand and connect with our
customers […]” Adam Brotman, CDO, Starbucks. This quote highlights the ever-‐
growing importance of Internet also for personal service businesses like a coffee
shop. The increasing distribution of smartphones enables local businesses to use
marketing tools that have so far only been available to the online world. This leads to
a huge shift of marketing spending away from classic marketing towards individual
communication with customers through their smartphones. 10stamps offers simple
but powerful mobile customer loyalty solutions for local merchants ranging from
international franchise enterprises to mom-‐and-‐pop-‐stores. Restaurants, leisure,
wellness, and personal service providers use 10stamps to start, understand, and
develop the relationship with their customers.

Their pitch: Augment is a mobile app that lets you visualize the 3D model of any product in your
real environment, in Augmented Reality, through your tablet or smartphone camera.
Augment provides the “Try at home” button to e-‐commerce sites, so their audience
can try furniture, artworks or tech products at home before purchase.
Augment is also a sales tool for salespeople in various industries, including
merchandising, swimming pools, real estate and interior design.
The market for music licensing is currently valued at $2.5 Billion. However, gaining
access to this market is largely restricted to established companies. By providing the
technological infrastructure between musicians and content users, rightclearing
democratizes the market for music licensing. Independent artists and labels can now
earn money with the usage rights to their music, even without profound legal
knowledge. Advertisers, filmmakers and others can license songs with only a few
clicks. rightclearing uses cutting-‐edge technology to digitalize and automate the
process of music licensing. Within minutes a licensee can find the right song, close a
legal contract with the rights holder and download the song file in the desired
quality – all without lawyers and long-‐winded negotiations.
Their pitch:
-‐ The problem: Business networks have introduced online recruitment a while ago, but cannot deliver the data companies need to decide who is the right person for a job.
-‐ The solution: MercuryPuzzle identifies talents and matches them with satisfying jobs.
-‐ Our secret sauce: We provide scientific assessments and a variety of cognitive tests. As a new approach to 360° feedback we introduced “TalentMash”, letting users evaluate each other’s talents. Additionally, we offer a traditional CV interface. The in-‐depth candidate reports generated by these tools can be filtered and searched by recruiters.
-‐ The outcome: Recruiters find great talents online. These talents get offered positions where they can do what they love and what they are best at.

Their pitch: Have you ever challenged someone to stop smoking, drink more beers, run a marathon, walk around in a mankini or dared someone to pick up more girls or guys on a bar night out?
The iPhone app makes it really easy to “klash” your friends. Simply pick a facebook-‐ friend, define your Klash, and set a fun reward. Get your friend ́s support, post comments, add proofs and share the fun in your community. It is up to you if you want to challenge a friend or even the whole world.

Their pitch: Sketchfab is a web service to publish interactive 3D content online in real-‐time
without plugin. The world we live in is in 3D, but the web is still in 2D, and we want
to change that. We think 3D models deserve something better than screenshots or
“showreel” videos. Our product is a universal 3D viewer you can embed on any
webpage. It’s a bit like youtube, but for 3D files.

Their pitch: Helioz R&D is a social entreprise engaged in the development, research and sale of
affordable and efficient tools for low-‐income households, humanitarian
organizations, emergency aid organizations and companies around the globe. Helioz
R&D is focusing to find innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social
problems. To tackle the world water crisis, Helioz has developed an inexpensive and
easy-‐to-‐use device, especially adapted for the Base of the Pyramid (BoP). The use of
WADI (Water Disinfection) is simple and does no need any further training: It is out
on a water-‐filled PET bottle like a screw cap and indicates the microbial reduction in
water through solar disinfection illustrated by a smiley face. The patented device
WADI is made of recyclable plastic, works energy self-‐sufficient with its built-‐in solar
panel, and is maintenance-‐free for at least five years (guaranteed!) – At the
estimated costs of around 10 dollars per piece.

Their pitch: Rise Art is the easy way to discover great art you love from top artists, galleries and
museums worldwide. Take our free art style quiz and get expert art picks from our curators based on your
unique taste. When you find something you love, you can buy it, or Rent it, and
enjoy the artwork in your home before deciding to purchase. Love your art? Rent it
for as long as you like or buy it using credits from your rental. Otherwise, just return
the artwork free of charge at any time. Rise Art launched our art rentals in 2012 and
are now working with global brands including the TATE, and Serpentine Gallery.
Get Started and discover your art style by visiting.

Their pitch: BeamApp connects your various devices so you can instantly transport your ongoing
activity from one device to another. Whenever you encounter a situation on the
desktop that makes more sense on your phone just “beam” it across and continue
on the go. You finally found the phone number in an email? Just “beam” it to
instantly dial it on your phone! When you arrive at home you can continue to listen
to the music you enjoyed on the go. After planning a route on your tablet you can
“beam” it to your mobile and immediately start the turn-‐by-‐turn routing.

Their pitch: DotProduct has developed technology that enables easy and robust capture of 3d
models from real-‐world objects in seconds. Our product is portable, self-‐contained,
operates in real-‐time and generates ready-‐to-‐use results instantly. It is a tool
targeted towards professional users from the AEC, oil & gas, aerospace/defense and
forensics industries with possible future applications as a consumer technology. It is
built from solid off-‐the-‐shelf hardware, enabling a price point that is 1-‐2 orders
of magnitude cheaper than existing solutions.
We bridge the gap between virtual 3d/CAD models and real-‐world existing
conditions, solving the workflow and accessibility problems that come with existing
3d solutions. Our vision is to bring smart 3d-‐aware tools out of their niche and make
them accessible and affordable for everyone.


Their pitch: Omyconf! connects professionals to global business events and top contacts, immersing them into interaction before, during, after events.
On the annual global market of 1M conferences professionals still don’t have any single resource to access event content and network; organizers lack proper solution to cover multiple layers of interactivity.
With our open Event Interactive Platform organizers:
-‐ crack the problem of messy conference networking even on hybrid events with smart location-‐based networking and planning tools -‐ sell tickets to access event content even after the event -‐ manage full-‐life event cycle
We’ve successfully connected over 30K professionals on 40 events in Russia (incl TechCrunch Moscow) and Ukraine.
Omyconf! is THE future standard in the mass event industry like Foursquare for local businesses and LinkedIn for professional communication.

Their pitch: Nexi is changing the way businesses hire their most talented people. Every CEO and HR Specialist knows that job boards are useless and that agencies are extremely expensive.
Nexi provides a brilliant new way of recruiting, through referrals from the employees. We built a social referral platform, where employees can easily refer their friends from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. They win cool rewards and even cash prizes if their friends are hired.
We graduated from Rockstart Accelerator and now we’re working with 15 european companies to improve the product. We’re happy to be part of Pioneers Festival

Their pitch: By utilizing the social graph (Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter) Instabridge allows users
to share Wi-‐Fi with friends, family and colleagues in a secure and hassle-‐free
manner. This unlocks Wi-‐Fi in offices and homes and makes it easily accessible to
consumers, reducing mobile data usage by 10%-‐20%. As mobile data usage is
exploding Instabridge can save carriers billions of dollars. Be sure to check out our
first blog post http://blog.instabridge.com/post/27904447274/unlocking-‐the-‐worlds-‐
wi-‐fi for some additional backdrop and sign up at http://www.instabridge.com to get early access to our app.

Mirror Bird:
Their pitch: The new, breakthrough way of advertising. Mirror Bird device looks like usual mirror from the first glance. The system recognizes the gender of approaching person; the mirror turns into the screen and shows the commercial oriented to appropriate gender. The advertisers will be pleasantly surprised! The efficiency of ads showing increases in 5 times! Mirror Bird allures people and attracts them into your place! MirrorBird changes our view on the media devices. Three major features break the
stone of advertising blindness. It’s attractive, convenient and efficient
simultaneously. Mirror screen, Gender targeting, MirrorBird Administration panel –
these are 3 major breakthroughs that in conjunction make MirrorBird one of the
best solution for commercial showing.

Their pitch: In nowadays Operation rooms and Radiology rooms there are a lot of displays with
digitial information that has to be access by Medical Doctors in real time, while
keeping the Room sterile. What Doctors do now is either going out of the Room,
consulting the information, memorize it, getting sterile and go inside the room again,
which takes for about 20 minutes or, alternatively, put some computers or
touchscreens inside the Room which puts into risk the sterilization.
In TedCas we solve that by using our Natural User Interfaces which through the use
of an optoelectronic device (for example the Kinect camera) allow the Medical
Doctors to control any kind of medical software through voice and gestures, without
any contact and therefore avoiding bacterial infections of this kind

Their pitch: Need market volume and competition figures for your business plan? Need facts to raise public awareness about climate change? Need to put your corporate sales into perspective with weather or traffic?
qunb is a “one-‐stop shop for numbers”, a quantitative data aggregation platform. Trillions of data points, sourced from thousands of top data providers, seamlessly chartable and cross-‐comparable.
qunb lets any user find any data about any matter whatsoever, and lets you seamlessly create a consistent chart, either to use online (embed in your blog) or offline (in your powerpoint presentation).
Or say it that way: qunb is the result of a night of love between BigData and Business Intelligence…

Their pitch: UniPlaces brings together students and property managers on our simple and user-‐
friendly platform, making it a breeze for millions of students around the world to
find a new home.
The number of students is expected to double within the next 10 years to over 260m
worldwide. This creates an urgent need for one trusted platform to help them find a
place to stay where ever they choose to study.
Universities cannot serve this need alone and with 25 university partners, over
17,000 listings and tens of thousands of students visiting us each month, we are
already tackling this growing, global need.

Their pitch: On a daily bases we share our ideas, thoughts and feelings with the people around
us. Besides verbal communication we use many other means to transport
information effectively. We express ourselves using body posture, gestures, facial
expressions and eye gaze. This nonverbal communication is very essential in social
interactions, yet when it comes to human-‐computer interaction we are limited to
use our hands only. New sensor technologies make these powerful sources of input
available and still we rely on our fingertips to control computers, phones and tablets.
Now is the time to tap these sources and finally give them the same value as in face-‐
to-‐face communication – Xcessity software solutions, providing unlimited
accessibility for everyone.

Hoa’s Tool Shop:
Their pitch: Hoa’s Tool Shop creates digital tools for personal development through behavior change. Our mission is to help people actively work with their psychological well being.
Viary, our first product, is used by therapists and coaches to create a digital layer on top of an often very analog field. Data gathered through our mobile app allows the professional to measure progress, provide better feedback, and increase precision in their efforts.
Our next step is a product where the professional is replaced by an artificial intelligence. By using user data to automate and personalize the process we can create an even more efficient solution. The supply and demand of mental healthcare is unevenly distributed. We want to change this

Their pitch: Millions of patients with urinary tract infection suffer through doctor visits, clinical laboratory visits, and finally have to wait 24 to 72 hours for results, often receiving unnecessary antibiotics. Elderly, pregnant and children could benefit from rapid, reliable urinary tract infection diagnosis through smartphone devices.
Our product, complementing smartphones, enables point-‐of-‐care centers screening patients in minutes instead of cumbersome clinical testing in days. We envision hassle-‐free urinary infection diagnostics in the comfort of your home, displaying results on your smartphone, contacting your family physician per SMS or Email with results.
Benefits for patients: immediate feedback and relief. Benefits for physicians: precise and rapid diagnostics before entering ambulance.
Benefits for Points-‐of-‐Care: no need sending samples to a centralized lab, saving workforce.

Their pitch: Honestly develops a Software-‐as-‐a-‐Service plattform which enables serviceoriented
companies to collect, analyse and manage customerfeedback. Endcustomers send
their feedback via Honestly’s mobile applications / mobile website, which
guarantees the easiest feedbackprocess possible and an innovative aftersales
Compared to traditional technologies, customerfeedback via Honestly is instant,
localized, non-‐public and digital. Honestly guarantees companies a greater rate of
return, it is easy to integrate into existing IT-‐platforms and because of the SaaS-‐
model has no initial costs.
The technical founderteam has bootstrapped the platform for a year and raised
money from business angel Klaas Kersting and per crowdfunding. Paying customers
exist in sectors like education, hospitality, retail and event, with the current focus on
major enterprises in healthcare, gastronomy and exhibition.

Diabeto is a non-intrusive bluetooth powered hardware device, which enables the
transfer of glucose readings from your Glucometer to any diabetes mobile application
for easy tracking and manageability.

Their pitch: When it comes to discovering new music, there’s nothing quite like a personal recommendation. And what better if it’s from the musicians themselves? Their collaborations and connections speak louder than words: artists work with those who inspire them; bands swap and share members with similar groups; musicians tour with complimentary acts.
We’ve collected & curated all of this information to provide a unique music discovery service. We base our recommendations on real-‐life relationships, not other peoples’ listening habits. And you can immediately see how and why artists are connected, helping you find out more about the music you love

Their pitch: Everyday we are surrounded by digital technology like computers and mobile devices. But even in 2012, hand sketching and drawing is the easiest and the fastest way to iterate over concepts. We use paper to share, work and collaborate. In effect, in the world where most of our work happens online, the results of the design phase are left in the analog world, disconnected, not shareable, and easily forgotten.
With Substance, you can finally, using your smartphone, transfer your hand drawn sketches into editable interactive models. Transform your business model flowcharts and schemes from analog flipchart into digital form. Using Substance, website developers and UX designers will be able to get feedback from their clients on-‐the-‐ fly.


Their pitch: BEWISE by PanamNav is the definitive solution to authenticate space/time anywhere in the world.
This world is becoming digital and mobile, we are all dynamic avatars in the cloud. And then you need to show that you are here and now.
When you need trusted position in social networks or go shopping with your mobile wallet, when you travel on a road without barriers or want to have fair insurance, when you need safe banking or data exchange, when you need reliable telecom service and power grids… Whenever you need to authenticate your virtual profile, BEWISE will be by your side, to provide trust and reliability in human relationships. The key to foster economy in the XXIst century.

Their pitch: Tanaza provides a centralized cloud-‐based solution (SaaS) to manage Wi-‐Fi Access Points. Tanaza approach eliminates the need for an expensive, dedicated hardware controller and is compatible with consumer and SOHO level Wi-‐Fi Access Points of 3rd party vendors, such as Netgear, TP-‐Link, D-‐Link and Ubiquiti.
The company aims to enable operational efficiency to Systems Integrators and Managed Solutions Providers that work in the SMB space (Small Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges). No more one-‐by-‐one manual configurations, even on autonomous devices, less time for daily maintenance tasks, remote management and monitoring through Tanaza web interface.
Tanaza leverages compatibility with 3rd party devices as well as a social approach to customers to create a vendor-‐agnostic community that can lower the acquisition-‐cost of SMB customers to a sustainable and scalable point.

Their pitch: Fixational delivers eye-‐movement gesture control for mobile devices. The software engine sits in the background of any app, observing and analysing user’s eye movements through the forward facing camera. Developers can hook into recognised gestures, such as winks, enabling a whole new way of controlling devices.
The goal is to license this technology to OEMs. This will be achieved by building a user base through the App Store and releasing an SDK for developers.
Fixational was founded by Ronan O’Malley and Diarmaid Ó Cualain, experts in developing complex computer vision software systems, having completed PhDs in self-‐driving vehicle technology. They are graduates of Ireland’s top startup accelerator: Launchpad.
Their first app “Wink Camera” was recently featured by The Next Web.

Concept Inbox:
Their pitch: Concept Inbox is a tool for designers to request feedback from clients and get designs approved quickly.
It’s made by designers for designers, we know that this work has a very tough side to it… the questions, last minute changes, endless calls…
With Concept inbox, all the designer has to do is send their designs to an email address that we provide, specifying the project name in the title.
Automatically, this will generate a common workspace where designer and client will be able to share opinions easily.
With Concept Inbox, designers can manage their projects with a single tool, avoiding distractions and focusing on what really matters: getting faster approval, saving time and money.
Concept Inbox, Get designs approved faster.

Their pitch: Kippt (YC S12) is a social knowledge management platform. Individuals and companies can collect and share the knowledge they research, and discover new valuable information from the community.
The platform is already helping and saving time wide-‐range of professionals like designers, developers, market researches, journalists and companies as well as research organizations every day.

Their pitch: Xeer is the smart way to manage your business: Collect receipts, send invoices,
manage your team, projects and make your business rock ‘n’ Roll! Xeer is super easy
to use: You can scan receipts with your smartphone, Xeer will analyze the receipts
and fill out information like date and amount. This way, everything is in perfect
order. Always! And at the end of the month, you can send your receipts digitally to
your accountant or tax consultant, or you can let Xeer do the bookkeeping for you!
So everything is done, with just one click.

Their pitch: TjobsRecruit is a hybrid online/bricks-‐and-‐mortar business that for the first time
combines the efficiency of an online recruitment portal with a fast growing
proprietary network of over 500 recruitment agencies. We make use of the full
breadth and depth of internet technologies and network effects to enable enterprise
clients to tap into our recruitment capacity of well over two million qualified
temporary or permanent candidates, and experience world-‐class post-‐recruitment
support. Our online portal also provides partner agencies with useful workflow tools
and marketplace functionalities, while candidates find a constant stream of up-‐to-‐
date high quality job offerings. TjobsRecruit works on innovating the global HR
Services sector by improving the efficiency of the recruiting process for all
stakeholders: employers, candidates and agents.

Their pitch: Toytemic (founded in 2011) is aiming primarily toy robotics. In near future the
technology extensions will apply as well to service robotics, presentational
equipment and mission critical systems.
The technology supports coordinated maneuvers of self-‐propelled devices. The
devices, each containing an inexpensive built-‐in RF IC module, detect mutual
position accurate within 2cm. No external tags, beacons or cameras are required.
First invention patent granted. Three PCT applications pending. Next five in
Prior to releasing its break-‐through positioning system Toytemic plans to occupy a
place d’armes on target market segments with a series of niche products. For
instance, a universal remote controller looking like a conventional pointer will be
used for controlling an arbitrary number of units (tens and more).

Their pitch: BrainControl is a breakthrough technology that will give disabled people the power
to control objects with their minds, allowing them to control a communicator,
domotic devices (lights, doors, windows, alarms, temperature, bed position, etc.),
wheelchairs, and other and other assistive technologies.
Based on a proprietary Brain-‐Computer Interfaces technology (BCI), BrainControl
interprets the electric map that correspond to a certain brain activity, and allow
patients to control a tablet PC through specific thoughts, overcoming physical
disability, and improving communication and environmental control.
Main focus is on assistive applications for people affected by degenerative
neuromuscular disease (multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – ALS) and
ischemic or traumatic injury, which each year affects more than 3 million patients.

Their pitch: Newsgrape analyzes nearly a quarter million articles each day from a growing
number of sources, tailoring content to personal interests and preferred sources,
while ranking articles according to their performance on Twitter and the activity
inside Newsgrape. By combining social intelligence with smart filtering Newsgrape
allows you to be egoistic on what news you get, while still giving you the most social
reading experience out there. It is the first social news reader, that does not only
look at your personal interests or perhaps what your friends might like, but that
actually connects people who share similar interests and allows readers to engage in
discussions as the news unfolds.

Their pitch: Tractive is a hardware/software solution that allows a pet owner to locate his pet at
any time, anywhere and get notified if it leaves a user-‐defined area. Tractive mobile
applications will not only allow managing pet information and photos, but also sync
the information across devices. Tractive apps will integrate with Facebook to allow
users to see their friends’ pets, share photos and other pet information. Leveraging
social networks and extending them to pets will help to virally grow brand
The combination of an experienced leadership team, two strong partners (runtastic,
Krippl-‐Watches) and a large untouched market make Tractive a once-‐in-‐a-‐lifetime
opportunity. Tractive has already secured significant seed funding and is expected to
launch in 2013.

Their pitch: In one short year the TaDaweb team has managed to transform 10 years worth of
revolutionary research into a successful company. Having made enterprise-‐version
sales pre-‐incorporation, closing two rounds of finance, being selected as one of
Benelux’s most promising startups, and now comprised team of seven day to day
employees, plus a kick-‐ass management team: TaDaweb is changing the way you
interact with web information! TaDaweb enables you to extract the relevant web
data you need from websites, transform it, then output it anywhere! What’s more,
TaDaweb saves the process of how you obtained your data, enabling it’s replay
automatically, when you want it. When others save stagnant web information,
TaDaweb gives you customized and current information!

Their pitch: Tellyo is about grabbing video clips from TV programs and sharing them to the
world. We make it easy and instantaneous with just one click on a smartphone,
tablet or web client. There is no need for special HW for recording, no need for
scheduling the recordings and no need for video editing SW either, as Tellyo
provides the exact moment that the viewer has just seen and liked on TV. Tellyo
supports TV brands’ efforts to reach out to new screens and to new audiences. TV
networks benefit from viral customer acquisition.

Their pitch: LineMetrics is a cloud-‐based production analytics service for small and mid-‐sized manufacturing companies. We help our customers to identify problems in their production and show optimization potential. As a result they can make fact-‐based decisions, save money, and become more competitive.
We provide our own datalogger box which makes connecting industrial machines to our service so easy, that our customers can do it on their own. We eliminate common barriers for SMEs: our rent model avoids high entry costs, simplicity replaces the need for external experts and setup time is shortened from several months to two days. If you need a catch phrase: we are Google Analytics for the manufacturing industry.

Their pitch: X&Y Genomics envisions a world where everyone has the freedom to understand,
talk about, and share their personal genetic information.
On the “DNA by Me” platform, you can visually interact with your genetic
information by discovering how your behavior influences the shape of the object and
thus enabling you to know what you can change.
The platform has two main components: 1) An algorithm that takes the results of a
genetic scan and turns them into 3D-‐printable shapes. 2) A web-‐based 3D
configurator that allows users to customize and personalize their physical objects.
X&Y Genomics combines science, technology and aesthetics to create tools that
empower people.

Their pitch: Are you a PM or business analyst, owning multiple projects and tasks? Have too much of information to bet on your memory to recall it? Is it hard to recover from interruptions?
You are not alone; According to BaseX, Information Overload costs US economy ~$1T per year!.
Enter Zet Universe, beautiful infinite desktop for laptops and slates.
Organize your work information as you think about it,

Use your spatial, associative, or temporal memory to recall your past work,
Use content recommendations to get relevant bits of your past work you cannot recall at your own.
Zet Universe helps information workers in critical roles (PMs, analysts) to process information faster and make informative decisions at their work.
http://www.facebook.com/ZetUniverse http://www.angel.co/Zet-‐Universe

Their pitch: Xtendi is developing an online studio for creating Augmented Reality experiences to design digital layers on physical objects using a simple ‘drag & drop’ interface.
Xtendi’s studio offers a unique proximity feature that adds a new level of exploration. Users can interact with objects in their surroundings based on their natural human behavior.
Unlike others, we believe that the potential of the technology resides in the USER, that’s why our focus is on the USER INTERACTION aspect of technology.
Just as in the real world when something interests you, you get closer to it to learn more about it, or sometimes you take a step back to see the wider context, Xtendi is mimicking this natural human behavior with technology.

Their pitch: In EduKoala we belive that learning is a boring activity. This is why we are changing
education into fun by creating games which engage people and help them to acquire
knowledge. Our solution is directed to pupils who can use our platform to prepare
for classes in entertaining way. Students are opening the app not to learn but to
play. By the way, they are learning. Engagement increases effectiveness . Our huge
goal is to change how next generations will educate. Our first game, MyKoala, is
available in Google Play and helps in learning languages.

Their pitch: Hubbub is a voice micro-‐blog that extends social networking opportunities to situations when you cannot type and read: like driving, jogging or washing dishes.
“A Twitter for voice”, Hubbub allows users to record and share 30-‐second voice messages, called “bubs”, which are then combined into a smooth uninterrupted stream. The followers can then listen to the stream mixed with their favorite sounds from iTunes, Spotify, Last.fm or any other music app.
Record your bub on the go in a few seconds – and broadcast to thousands of followers, adding pictures, text, geo-‐tags, etc. All your bubs will be automatically cross-‐posted to your Twitter feed.
Hubbub makes the next step in evolution of radio by introducing to it a strong social component.