Google’s Gmail Launches New Compose Email View And Reply Experience That Will Save You Time

Writing emails can be a drag, especially when you have to click a bunch of buttons just to send one off. Today, Google has introduced a new compose email view and reply experience for Gmail and it should save you a bit of time. I’ve been using Gmail since before day one and I’ve enjoyed the changes that the company has made to the product over the years. It’s completely changed the way that I communicate, even though I still can’t stand email.

The changes are rolling out today, so keep an eye on your inbox for them.

Here’s what the Gmail team had to say about it:

We’re always trying to make Gmail faster and easier to use, so today we’re introducing a completely redesigned compose and reply experience that does just that.

How many times have you been writing an email and had to reference something in another message? Saving a draft, opening the old email, and then reopening your draft wastes valuable minutes. The new compose pops up in a window, just like chats (only larger).

This makes it easy to reference any other emails without ever having to close your draft. You can even do a search or keep an eye on new mail as it comes in. And because the compose window works the same way as chats, you can write multiple messages at once and minimize a message to finish it later.

As far as replying to emails, the company says that it re-designed it to fit inline conversations better, and takes up way less space. Google says it “intelligently expands to fit your content”, which means that you’ll be able to do more, faster. The team isn’t done though, as it says that “finishing touches” are coming in the next few months.