StereoBot Is A New Licensing System For Movie, App, And Presentation Music

As a man who is interested in independent films, I find that sourcing soundtracks for these projects is difficult. That’s why there’s, a new service that allows filmmakers, students, app designers, and presenters to buy licenses to innocuous-sounding music for use in projects.

The central interface is the search system. To find a song or snippet, you enter a topic – love, war, happiness, jazz, my mom – and you get a list of potential songs. The site offers previews of each song as well as a very rich tagging system. You then pay a hundred or so dollars for the rights to the track.

The service is based in Cyprus and founded by Tasos Frantzolas. Tasos began by running SoundSnap, a special effect sound market. I mean check this stuff out.

“This follows the 5 years of success with, which is the most high trafficked website for sound effects worldwide,” Tasos said. They have 700,000 customers including folks from the BBC, Pixar, Disney, Blizzard, and Zynga.

The site is live now and you can sign up to download songs to go with your apps, games, and (in my case) a black and white historical semi-autobiographical film noir romance based on the story of the hand jive craze in 1950s London (to be released on 2021 starring myself and Lucy Liu (pending contract)).