TCTV Wrap-Up: The Rundown On Apple’s iPad Mini Launch Event

Apple made some pretty big announcements at an event held in Silicon Valley this morning: The debut of the long-rumored iPad Mini, a brand new iMac, more relatively affordable Retina-enabled MacBooks, and much more.

While TechCrunch has had great coverage of all this, it’s been such a big day for tech industry news — Facebook posted impressive earnings, Zynga made painful layoffs, Netflix disappointed Wall Street with news that its subscription growth nosedived, Michael Arrington and MG Siegler were both gloriously re-Crunched — that you may not have had the chance to fully take in all the news out of Apple. And we can’t have that, can we? Of course not!

So I pulled aside my colleague Darrell Etherington here in the TechCrunch TV studio today to get his first-hand insights on this morning’s Apple event. He was there covering the event in person, and since he’s pretty much an Apple expert (and had the chance to have a good amount of hands-on time with the iPad Mini and the new iMac) it was fun to hear him talk about his overall impression of the event and all the new releases.

Watch the video embedded above to hear why buying an iPad Mini might mean your old iPad starts to gather dust, how the fact that the event was live streamed impacted the blog world’s coverage (and the vibe in the room), how the audience reacted to Tim Cook and Phil Schiller, what Apple’s next big launch might be, and more.