Please Welcome Our Newest Columnists, MG Siegler And Michael Arrington

We’ve already talked extensively about how we handle guest posts these days — we publish one-off articles from people in the community who have something new and meaningful to say on tech topics. But we’ve also been building up a roster of regular columnists, like Steve Gillmor, Jon Evans and Devin Coldewey.

These folks work as engineers, entrepreneurs, biz dev folks, and investors for a living. And we look to them to flesh out our regular coverage with insights from their other jobs at least once each week.

We’re excited to introduce two more columnists today.* You might have heard of them.

MG Siegler has been writing for TechCrunch since 2009, covering Apple, startups, goats, whatever else he felt like, plus serving as the resident movie critic and Android troll. He was pretty good at it all. Arguably the best. Since becoming a full-time investor with the CrunchFund a year ago, he’s continued writing for us as a columnist covering Apple. Starting today, he’ll occasionally cover other topics, too (although not his own investments, see below).

Also, founder Michael Arrington is back behind the wheel of his own WordPress account here at TechCrunch. That’s right. The lawyer/entrepreneur/investor-turned-blogger-turned-investor isn’t just doing conferences with us. Starting today, he’ll begin writing occasional pieces on tech topics. TechCrunch is like the Hotel California: “You can check out any time you like / But you can never leave!”

And, yes, both of these columnists will disclose their particular conflicts of interest. They’ll address the issues in posts you’ll be able to read shortly, and add disclosures in their CrunchBase bios. If they have any conflict specifically related to a post, they’ll say so. We’ll be handling all writer disclosures in this format.

And no this is not part of some Machiavellian master plan for Michael and MG to regain power/use TC as a vehicle for their own investments/kill baby seals. First of all, a lot of CrunchFund investments are things we’d cover anyways, and also, Alexia and Michael barely even get along most of the time. So yeah, NOTHING SINISTER IS HAPPENING, WE PROMISE.

What is happening is that TechCrunch will be less boring from now on, because two of its most prominent voices — including the person who got this party started — now have regular gigs here.

So whatever you may think of them, Michael Arrington and MG Siegler are better than most of us at writing about and supporting the tech ecosystem. Welcome back Michael and MG. You’ve added much value to many people’s lives in this community (including our own) and we hope you stick around awhile. And you know, rile stuff up. Because the world needs you two more than ever.

*And yes, we’re paying them.