Square Is On An Engineering Hiring Blitz, Time To Fill Up That New Office

It’s time to fill up that new Square office, and it looks like the company is looking to add a slew of new engineer-types. I follow a Twitter account that spits out new jobs in the San Francisco/Valley area, and the last ten tweets have been for Square, and are engineer-related.

Take a look:

None of this should come as a surprise, but the company is definitely narrowing their focus on who they’d like to bring onto the team, and analytics is a main focus. Makes sense. What’s interesting though is that the company is looking to hire new grads…new blood. The company has a “University Team” that focuses on these types of recruits.

The company told us that they’re looking to be at around 600 employees in the near future (they’re at 400+ now), and it looks like they’re wasting no time. Peep their official job page for all open positions.

Smart companies who recruit smart will win big.