TrendSpottr Partners With Salesforce, Looks To Identify Trends In Any Corporate Data Stream

Toronto-based startup TrendSpottr today announced a new partnership with Salesforce that will see its product made available to the larger company’s customers directly through the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. TrendSpottr will now deliver real-time, predictive analytics to Salesforce’s massive customer base, providing them with the tools it has developed to spot emerging trends before they go mainstream and spot potentially viral content early on in its popularity cycle.

“We’ve been talking for some time, and it was late in August when we talked some more with their product team and they saw what we were doing, and they said ‘Listen, we’re expanding our partner ecosystem and we’d love to have you guys part of that,'” TrendSpottr CEO and co-founder Mark Zohar said in an interview, describing the origin and nature of the partnership. “We’re actually deeply integrated into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. For the first time, they’ll be able to make much more sense of the data that they already have through Radian6 and Salesforce.”

TrendSpottr’s main product can identify trending content on social networks like Twitter before it hits its viral peak, in an attempt to help its users get in on the ground floor with themes, memes and topics that could help them gain exposure, or help them put out fires before they start to blaze out of control in the case of spotting potential social network gaffes. Now, with its Salesforce partnership, it moves into doing the same kind of predictive analytics with any company’s existing Salesforce or Radian6 data stream. That combo is a powerful one, according to Zohar.

“The traditional social analytics companies like Radian6 have really set the market standard for collecting and processing tons of data around your topic profiles, keywords and so on,” he said. “But to date, most of that is actually used for retrospective analysis. Where we’re adding value is by showing when things start to tip, when is the data that I’m looking at starting to show interesting things that will grow in importance.”

The Salesforce partnership is indicative of TrendSpottr’s larger goals, as it transitions from a company dealing mostly in public social media data to tackling more specialized streams. Zohar says that there’s not really any limit to the kind of information its platform can process, in terms of being able to provide predictive analytics around a stream of constantly refreshing real-time information.

“We are agnostic in terms of what real-time data streams we analyze. So we started off with the open social APIs like Twitter and Facebook, we partnered with DataSift, and now we’re working with Salesforce data,” he said. “You’ll see more and more of that where we’ll be integrating into enterprise data streams, transactional data streams, business intelligence streams, ad click streams, etc. In all those cases we’re using our data and pulling out those insights that can predict their trajectory and their future growth.”

In terms of financial arrangements, TrendSpottr’s Salesforce product will retail separately from its main offering. It’s a volume-priced offering, so that Salesforce users will pay more if they’re passing more data through the service, and the revenue is shared between TrendSpottr and Salesforce. TrendSpottr will continue to offer its own main product separately on a subscription basis. It’s a big win for TrendSpottr in terms of getting its product out there, which should help it with its larger goal of becoming the predictive analytics tool powering all kinds of enterprise data insights.