Put Instagram In Your Mac’s Menu Bar With Instabar

I’m a sucker for OS X menu bar applications, and I’m also a big fan of browsing Instagram as a way to break up the day. Now, those two things come together in a single convenient package with Instabar. The Mac app debuted as a paid version for $0.99 earlier this week, and today released a free alternative with limited functionality. With either, you’ve got some prime time-wasting available at the click of a button.

The free version just gives you access to the Popular feed from Instagram, but that’s about as much as anyone really needs with this sort of thing. For big spenders, however, you can spend a dollar and get access to your own Instagram feed by logging in with your credentials for the photo-sharing social network. You can then also like the photos you see, though you won’t be able to comment on them. One slightly annoying thing is that it autocenters images, making scrolling with a mouse wheel somewhat touchy, though when using a touchpad that actually comes in handy.

Instabar is a little more limited than other desktop Instagram clients for Mac, like Carousel or InstaDesk, but it’s designed as a lightweight menu bar application, and for that reason, it’s already gotten a lot more use from me than those other alternatives. Sometimes you just want to click your menu bar and see a picture of a cat, know what I’m saying?