Apple’s Total Smartphone Web Traffic Share Climbs To 46% With iPhone 5, Samsung Trails At 17%

Apple’s web traffic share among mobile devices is huge, according to new numbers from Chitika. The online ad network is seeing 43 percent of smartphone web usage coming through iPhones up to the 4S, plus another 3 percent from the iPhone 5 alone. By contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S III is driving 2 percent of mobile web traffic on its network, combined with 15 percent across all other Samsung mobile devices.

Both phones are taking up a huge percentage overall, however, with other smartphones combined adding up to just 37 percent overall. Apple and Samsung account for a total of 63 percent of the mobile traffic Chitika sees through its millions of daily ad impressions. Last week, the company told us that the iPhone 5 had quickly risen to surpass the GSIII as a traffic driver on its network, but these latest figures prove there’s no doubt which two companies are battling it out for overall smartphone market dominance.