Live From The “Meet The New LinkedIn” Event, Watch The Transformation Of The World’s #1 Professional Social Network

Today at an event in Mountain View called “Meet The New LinkedIn”, the company is discussing its direction and will announce some new things. LinkedIn, the public company that serves as a social network for professionals, has been integrating social features into its product for the past few years. Lately, this has been ramped up.

Over time, LinkedIn has dashed in a flavor of Twitter and Facebook style features, allowing you to like news, share it and follow a company for updates.

CEO Jeff Weiner discussed the history of LinkedIn and how it is being used today. He says that it’s for connecting talent to companies, which mirrors LInkedIn’s missions statement. He says “Our exclusive focus is professionals. There’s really only a few companies in the world that connect millions of peoples in a nanosecond, and one that connects professionals. LinkedIn.”

Over one million unique domains have deployed a LinkedIn button on its site. Over 75K developers are leveraging its APIs right now. It is signing up two members every second. Year over year, there’s been a doubling of profile updates as well, which shows engagement.

You can watch the full stream live right now:

Live broadcast by Ustream

[Photo credit: Flickr]