TweetDeck Gets A Visual Refresh On All Platforms, Now Looks More “Twittery”

For you hardcore Twitter users, the main app just doesn’t cut it. You need multiple windows and notifications and more windows and stuff like that. For me, I enjoy the simple original web version of Twitter, but what do I know? Today, TweetDeck for all platforms, except iOS, was updated, and you can now go check it out and rejoice.

The app has just hung out there for the hardcore users with no real visual enhancements after Twitter acquired the company behind it. Last year, the company overhauled the back-end, but it received no new coat of paint. That changed in a big way today by letting you change your app theme and fonts. If you want to read tweets in Comic Sans, now you can. I’m kidding, you can only change the font size.

Here’s what the team had to say:

Today we updated the TweetDeck app on all our supported platforms – web, Chrome, Mac and Windows. The update is live now on If you use the Windows app, just restart to trigger an auto-update. Chrome app users should restart Chrome to update the app and the updated Mac app is available now in the Mac App Store.

This update makes TweetDeck easier to use with design enhancements, personalization options and the addition of several frequently-requested features.

Here’s a look at the freshness:

It’s light and airy, but I’m still not going to use it. For me, TweetDeck is the perfect app for people who want to pay attention to everything without paying attention to anything. By that, I mean they like noise. I try to cancel the noise out as much as possible and use Twitter as intended, in real-time. If I miss stuff, I trust that my friends will retweet it.

Don’t like the new look? Go back to the darkroom:

Having said all of that that, give TweetDeck a whirl and let us know what you think in the comments. I like consistency, and this refresh is pretty much that for Twitter’s suite of goodies.

Also, I think I just coined the phrase “Twittery.” Maybe. Or not.

[Fence credit: Flickr]