Fulfilling Open Source Promise – HP Is Hiring 50+ Developers For WebOS

HP is hiring 50 developers for the WebOS platform, marking a new turn for the company’s troubled mobile market play.

The news comes as HP continues its effort to make WebOS a secure, open platform.

First spotted by The Powerbase, the job openings are in Shanghai and Sunnyvale. All are high-paying engineering positions.

Here’s a sample of the job openings:

It’s a good sign that HP is committing to make WebOS secure and open-source. It shows the company sees something that can come of an effort that has had its fair share of failures and lost opportunities.

But what will HP do with it in the end? As The Powerbase points out, let’s just hope that HP is not foolish enough to put WebOS back into the consumer market.

The future of WebOS is in the enterprise. The market is not sewn up. Apple has taken a good lead but the company is not committed to making an enterprise play. The Android platform is fractured, RIM is all but dead and Android is too fractured.

HP is committing to WebOS. We’ll just have to wait to see what that commitment means.