After Rising To Number 2 On comScore, AOL On Network Launches Native Mobile And Tablet Apps

AOL’s On Network, which is the company’s distribution and syndication network, has steadily grown the number of videos in its library, as well as the number watched each month by viewers. It’s now Number 2 among video properties on comScore’s Video Metrix, and is now making its video library available on more devices. The network is rolling out new native mobile and tablet apps for iOS and Android devices.

The AOL On Network apps let users check out featured content or browse videos based on categories, such as Autos, Business, Entertainment, Food, Health, Home, News, Parenting, Pets, Relationships, Style, Tech, Travel, and Video Games. It also highlights trending topics — such as the U.S. Presidential Election, which is hot now. There’s also a search bar, allowing users to search for specific videos or topics, as well as the ability to navigate by content producer.

Users will be able to favorite videos and save them for later, while also sharing on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The iOS versions of the app are also AirPlay-enabled, allowing users to stream videos to the biggest screen in the living room through an Apple TV.

The network’s library is made up of content from AOL’s own media properties, including Engadget, TechCrunch, HuffPost Live, and Moviefone, as well as some major content partners, including Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Travel Channel, and E!, among others. Thanks to increased production by both, the AOL On Network now has more than 420,000 videos that can be accessed through various AOL sites online, as well as through the new mobile apps that it’s rolling out.

With so many videos available through a number of distribution channels, AOL On Network has been able to aggressively add viewership over the past year. As VideoNuze pointed out last month, AOL is now second in videos served behind YouTube. Granted, it’s way behind YouTube, but AOL has grown at a pretty aggressive clip, from 408 million videos delivered in September 2011 to 725 million in August of this year — a 78 percent jump.

It’s not just about having a massive number of views each month — AOL On Network is also leading in a number of key vertical for advertisers. According to AOL On Network SVP Ran Harnevo, it’s #1 in a number of video categories, such as Auto, Business, Style, Home, Health, Travel, Technology, and Food. That advertising piece is key, as media buyers will now be able to buy inventory across all supported AOL On Network platforms, whether videos are served online in a browser or in a native mobile app.