Sorry, Leno: Mark Zuckerberg Makes First Late-Night Talk Show Appearance — On Russian TV

Mark Zuckerberg is really going whole hog on this Russia thing.

The Facebook CEO is currently on a visit to Russia as part of a campaign to expand his super-popular social network there. As part of his visit, he’s checked out Red Square and met with prime minister Dmitry Medvedev.

And, in a remarkable show of “being a good sport,” Zuckerberg also appeared as a guest on Evening Urgant, a late-night show that is comparable to the United States’ Late Show With David Letterman or The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Actually, the host Ivan Urgant is on the young and hip side, so it might be more similar to Jimmy Fallon?

This is not Zuckerberg’s first time on late-night TV overall: He swung by Saturday Night Live last year when Jesse Eisenberg hosted. But it appears to be his first time sitting down for an interview in the typical late-night talk show format.

It’s kind of amazing to see Zuck having fun while hamming it up a bit in front of a studio audience — how far we’ve come from that Leslie Stahl interview, amirite? If you’re so inclined, you can watch it all in the video embedded below. Apologies for the lack of captions, but Zuck himself speaks in English throughout the interview.