Behold! The First Fancily-Printed Panoramic Photo From The iPhone 5

If you’ve wondered what you can do with your iPhone 5 panoramic photos, wonder no more. The folks at CanvasPop have proven that you can print your big honking photos onto big honking paper so you can have a hugenormously long photo on your wall.

The guys at CanvasPop told me to go take a panoramic picture and they set it to print at 10″x50″ (the max is 15″x75″). The photo, arguably, is pretty terrible, but to prove it could be done, they slathered it down onto the material and now there exists an under-lit, vaguely menacing photograph of Sunset Park in Brooklyn.

“This is the first ever panoramic print we’ve ever seen from an iPhone 5,” said Adrian Salamunovic. “I almost wanted to keep it for myself.”

Obviously this isn’t the first panoramic photo they’ve ever printed – the feature has been around for years – but this is the first one from an iPhone 5 and the quality is arguably quite good with the right lighting. I just need to find a mountain range or team of jolly, animal-themed kids to shoot instead of a rat-infested yard and necrotic New Jersey hulking down in its filth across the river. Some day a real rain will come and I’ll be there to take a panorama of it.