djay Gets Updated For iPhone 5 And iOS 6, Now Includes iTunes Store Integration

Music mixing app djay released an update for its iPhone and iPad apps today, introducing iOS 6 and iPhone 5 enhancements and compatibility. The changes are not just superficial: developer Algoriddim is really taking advantage of the new stuff iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 brings to the table, including direct access to the iTunes Store, multi-channel audio and elements that were hidden in sub-menus brought to the main screen on iPhone 5.

New interface elements on the iPhone 5 include the sync button and a readout of beats-per-minute, as well as pitch bending tools. It should make for a much smoother experience all around, with less hunting for commonly used features. The iTunes Store integration in djay also seems like something designed specifically for the app, since it offers a way for users to browse, preview and even buy full tracks right from the iTunes store, without ever leaving the app (side note: it’ll be interesting to see how this works out in terms of increases in iTunes music purchases, now that any app can route buyers there directly without having to round-trip them out to the iTunes Store).

Multi-channel and multi-route audio, new to iOS 6, means that djay can do independent stereo output to both the headphone jack, as well as via an HDMI or USB audio out adapter for the dock or lightning connector. That means users can pre-cue their creations in djay on their headphone, before sending them out live over the other connection to their audience. That’s a significant addition to the app, and one that makes it much more suitable for live use at venues or events.

Apps that really show off what the new iPhone and new developer tools introduced in iOS 6 are still few and far between  Algoriddim’s djay, already a solid offering, now provides a good early example of what exactly is possible with the latest hardware and software changes.