The Mere Existence Of A “New Myspace” Makes Me Want To Hurl. Just Let It Go.

Ok, folks, dust off your old web browsers, because Myspace is teasing a brand new design! Yes, the Justin Timberlake-backed whatever-it-is-now has slapped a new coat of paint on something that has already been sold and pushed to the side of the road.

Here’s a video demo of what to expect, since you clearly log in daily just to see what’s new:

It looks like Pinterest. Ugh.

It’s not that I’m not supportive of iteration, a great comeback story or people in general, it’s that this ship has sailed. More than once. And far, far away.

Getting people to try new things is super difficult, but getting people to circle back to a dead wagon is nearly impossible. For reasons.

My good friend Harrison Weber from The Next Web calls it “beautiful”, but Harrison is about 14 years old, so he has forgotten everything that we’ve been through with good old Tom and Myspace. (UPDATE: I was told by Harrison that he designed pages for Myspace back in the day. I’m sorry to hear that, but this brand/idea/whatever is crapola. Also, he’s still probably 14.)

“Pretty things” don’t win. Facebook is ugly, has 950M users. Twitter? 140M and boring, design wise, for the most part. It’s content that wins.

As a journalist, I see tons of beautiful things. Beautiful isn’t what makes a product, it’s the team, the focus and the potential for something great. This thing? Ugh. I don’t care if a rainbow Unicorn giving out free money starts using the site heavily, I have zero interest.

[Photo Credit: Flickr]