SexDistance Is A New Web Service That Offers, Well, You Know

Every once in a while gag sites pop up in our email that make us chortle lightly and say “Sure, we’ll bite.” To wit: allows you to see, ummm, how far you go when you have intimate relations with another person. You feel me? You see where this is going?

To use it you enter your, ummm, length and effort expended in the achievement of great justice. The service then calculates how far the old rook took the queen, as they say in the world of competitive chess.

The creators, who remained anonymous, noted that the service can be used to measure:

Past or current relationships’ covered distance,
Last time’s covered distance,
Last summer vacation total distance,
Marriage’s sexual life quality measured by the distance covered instead of only the number of intercourses as a means of quality assessment,
Personal lifetime distance,

Below you will note my own back of the envelope calculations for a trip I took to Spain once (not really).

No word on business model but they’ve got some ads up there and heck, everyone loves them some sex-themed web services, right? Right? Sadly, there’s no API, because I could imagine some really interesting Arduino projects.