iPhone 5 Jailbroken According To iOS Hacker @chpwn

Grant Paul AKA @chpwn has posted the first screenshots of a jailbroken iPhone 5, taller screens and all. While the method isn’t public yet, chpwn has posted screenshots of the “alt” App Store Cydia running at full iPhone 5 resolution.

Jailbreaking allows users to add “homebrew” apps to the iPhone and is a method to install pirated apps onto an activated iPhone. It also potentially allows uses to unlock their iPhones to run on different carriers.

What does this mean? Well, the homebrew and unlocker scene just got a little more interested in the iPhone 5, which means plenty more sales. It’s also funny that this jailbreak comes so soon after launch. iOS 6 has already been jailbroken, but bypassing hardware-specific issues is always the biggest part of the problem.

via RedmondPie