The iOS 6 Maps App Takes To Twitter To Assuage Your Cartographic Grief

Over the past day or so the vituperation against the iOS 6 Maps app, AKA the Maps app that makes you wish you were running Android, has been rising on the blogosphere. Why? Well the app is kind of wonky, it doesn’t have StreetView, and it looks and feels like a twee designer’s vision of a ratty road atlas – hard to read yet surprisingly calming.

A new Twitter account @iOS6maps is offering a bit of levity by tweeting things that we can assume the Apple Maps team would say.

Sadly, not everyone gets the joke:

I am honestly not a huge fan of the new Maps, either – turn by turn directions can sometimes go painfully awry and many of the complaints are valid. It’s nice to see a bit of levity here.

UPDATE – Just before I published this, Twitter suspended the account. It really warms the heart to see a vanguard of interaction and free speech come down this hard on a parody account. Watch out, @niceryanlawler. You’re next.

UPDATE 2 – And it’s back under @fake_iOS6maps!!!!!!