Salesforce Debuts Rypple-Powered To Help Companies Manage Talent, Partners With Facebook

Nearly a year ago, Salesforce acquired social performance platform Rypple, and revealed that it will be entering the human capital management (a.k.a. employee and talent management software) market. Earlier this year, Salesforce rebranded Rypple as “Salesforce Rypple,” but today the CRM giant is debuting a brand new Rypple, under the name

For background, Rypple is a social performance management platform that helps managers and employees improve performance. Essentially, Rypple replaces the traditional performance review with a more social and collaborative approach. The software has been compared to a “Zynga for the enterprise,” and allows managers to track projects, guide their team and give kudos to deserving staff for others to see within its online application.

Employees and administrators can set goals, manage objectives, and provide feedback and recognition all from within their employee social network. Earlier this year, Salesforce debuted an integration with Rypple and Chatter, allowing users to create custom badges to recognize team and individual achievements that would appear in the Chatter feed.

With today’s launch of, Rypple becomes fully integrated with Chatter, the Sales Cloud and the Service Cloud. People Users can see colleagues’ goals, feedback and recognition inside Chatter or recognize work from within a Sales Cloud opportunity record. With, sales managers can onboard new reps more effectively and improve the productivity of their teams. employee social profiles reflect their expertise, goals and performance right inside Chatter, helping them build their reputation.

Salesforce also partnered with Facebook and several of the features came directly out of how Facebook views its own wopkplace. Tim Campos, CIO, Facebook, said Facebook will need tools to understand how to grow the workforce. is helping do that.

We’re told that the entire platform has been rebuilt from the ground-up, with a new user experience on the front end. Rypple is also debuting a new partnership with Amazon to allow companies to incentivize employees with Amazon gift cards. “We are integrating rewards directly into where people are doing work,” explains Rypple co-founder Daniel Debow.

Also announced today, a new partnership with Workday will enable seamless integration between Workday human capital management software and

Additionally, has integrated enterprise perks management platform ChoicePass, which was acquired earlier this year.

Already, Facebook, LinkedIn, LivingSocial, Spotify, Virgin America and 1-800 Flowers are using The SaaS is scheduled to be generally available in calendar Q4 of this year.