Zynga Buys A Bit Lucky To Break Into Mid-Core Gaming

Zynga isn’t just for your stereotypical stay-at-home mom anymore. The company’s breaking away from its casual gaming past with a deal to buy midcore developer A Bit Lucky today. What this means is that part of Zynga’s game portfolio may become more geared toward male audiences. Midcore games tend to have smaller audiences that spend more on average.

“We independently both arrived at the same conclusions that there is a place to combine hard or midcore DNA with social gaming,” said Frederic Descamps, A Bit Lucky’s CEO. In a sign that a deal may have been in the works, A Bit Lucky’s games — Lucky Train and Lucky Space — disappeared from Facebook over the last few weeks. Neither game was very large with 20,000 and 1,000 daily actives respectively. Zynga did not disclose the terms of the deal.