LIFX Is A Smartphone-Controlled Lightbulb

Just when you thought it was safe to ignore the app economy, we have the LIFX, a Kickstarter-funded lightbulb you control from your iOS or Android device. Why, you ask? Because it’s a lightbulb controlled via smartphone, that’s why.

The product is just one day old on Kickstarter, and it already hit the $283,394 mark which means it’s definitely getting funded. The bulb itself costs $69.

What does it do and why do you need a smartphone? Well, first you can change the brightness and color of the bulb right from your phone. You can also set it to go on and off at a certain time and come on when you get home.

Because it’s a self-contained unit you don’t need to change your wiring. Just twist the old fellow in and fire up the app to enjoy endless color combinations and feel like you’re in a disco.

Here’s what it does:

Control your lights from anywhere
Choose any brightness for a specific bulb, a room or your whole house
Create the colors to match any mood or decor
Get notifications such as Twitter, Facebook, Texts and more
Reduce your energy consumption and save money
Visualise your music with animated colors
Make an impression at your next dinner party
Get creative with colors and effects
Create a night light for your kids
Security mode when you’re on holidays
Create groups of lights
Robot dance like it’s 1999

Sadly the product isn’t shipping until March 2013 but it’s pretty cool, especially the music dance party part. I’m getting one so we can turn our bedroom into an adventure under the sea by twisting the knob over to blue then to white and then to dark red. The dark red is when the sharks come.

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