New ExpenseCloud Mobile Apps Add Mileage Tracking, Detailed Receipt Info, And Line-Item Project Data

Everyone hates filing expenses, but at least now there are a few companies out there building mobile apps designed to improve the overall experience. New mobile expense apps typically allow users to have corporate credit card purchases automatically entered into expense reports, while also letting them take photos of receipts so that they don’t have to carry them around all the time. ExpenseCloud is one of these app makers, and it just announced an updated suite of mobile apps designed to make the process of entering and reconciling expenses even easier.

ExpenseCloud’s new iPhone and Android apps have just been released with new features to improve scanning receipts, as well as recording and submitting expenses. Like other apps, users can take a photo of receipts to submit them digitally, and the app also automatically imports corporate credit card data. Once that’s done, users can easily reconcile purchases and submit them in expense reports.

The new version of the apps include a new UI, which is designed to make entering data a much quicker process. It’s also added the ability to track mileage while on the job through Google Maps, automatically adding that data into your records. It’s also worked to provide more detailed data in receipts, allowing users to tie expenses directly to certain projects or customers. That lets businesses more quickly recoup costs associated with certain jobs, while also helping to increase approval time for users.

ExpenseCloud is just one player seeking to “app-ify” expense reporting. There’s Concur, which targets large enterprises and has introduced a mobile app for tracking expenses.* And then there’s newer entrants, like Expensify. ExpenseCloud seeks to differentiate itself mostly with the ability to do line-item reporting, as well as through integration with a number of different bookkeeping solutions. It currently works with FreshBooks, NetSuite, Intacct, and Intuit QuickBooks.

* Concur is used by AOL (the parent company of TechCrunch), and I have to say I’m not a huge fan, after being an Expensify user in a previous job. Although I must say that Concur has improved enormously since I last used it some three or four years ago while at United Business Media.