Startup Alley At Disrupt — The Chilean Pavilion Shows Off Its Wares

The Chilean Pavilion joined the roster of other Latin American startups at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco last week. Our task was to show you as many of them as we could in as short amount of time as possible – that meant a fast run through with a camera. Thus we found companies doing facial recognition, ad retargeting, opinion polls, algorithmic trading and a social network for freelancers, amongst others.

Here are the companies we ran into:

BiometryCloud – Face recognition from mobile devices

Pick1 – Retargeting via automated Market Research – Big Data for Opinions

Flipter – Easily create share and organize interactive opinion polls.

Paperhater – We digitize, recognize and route paper forms to various endpoints

Vite – Vite is a social network for events.

QuantConnect – Democratization of algorithmic trading.

Socialance – Professional network connecting Freelancers & Employers worldwide

ContentDJ – Identify quality content and publish to social media sites