Startup Alley At Disrupt — Impact Pavilion Shows Off Health, Energy And Transport

Not only were there country pavilions at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco last week, but also themed ones like Hardware Alley and the Impact Pavilion. Here, you could peruse startups in the themes of health, energy and transport, a few of which were put together by the Greenstart accelerator programme and Solar Mosaic. We caught up with the guys to hear what they had on display.

Here are the companies we talked to in this segment:

RockHealth – Incubator for digital health startups.

Greenstart – Investor and design studio for digital cleantech startups.

Mosaic – Kickstarter for clean energy (with a return).

RidePal – Shared, WiFi-enabled commuter bus solution.

PVPower – Web platform powering America’s solar projects.

Orca Health – Designed to help people make better decisions about their healthcare.

Scoot – A system of smartphone-enabled, shared electric scooters calling itself the “Zipcar for Scooters.”

LUMOback – The smart posture sensor and mobile app.

Zamzee – A game that gets kids and families moving.

Gain Fitness – The digital personal training platform.

The following companies participated in the Impact Pavilion but did not appear in the video:

Health In Reach – Reducing out-of-pocket dental and medical costs.

People Power – Mobile experience platform for the Internet of things.