Survey Says: 44% Of iPhone Owners In Britain Want iPhone 5, 18% Of British HTC Owners To Follow

With little time for the Reality Distortion Field to wear off, a survey conducted just hours after yesterday’s Apple press event reveals that a whopping 44% of current iPhone owners in Britain want to upgrade. That’s probably good news if you’re Cupertino-inclined. But for some of Apple’s competitors, bad news could be on the horizon.

According to the poll, 18% of current HTC smartphone owners in Britain want the new iPhone, too, while Nokia fared even worse with 20% of owners displaying iPhone 5 lust.

Overall, 20% of all smartphone owners said that they wanted to upgrade to the new iPhone without needing any further information about the product. Clearly, the iPhone magic trick is still resonating with plenty this side of the pond.

Conducted by Usurv, which rather conveniently offers a self-serve online survey platform for exactly this type of quick fire research, the sample size of the poll was limited to 1,000 participants, so the results are pretty heavily extrapolated but quite telling nonetheless.

Amongst Apple’s competitors, there was better news for bitter rival Samsung, for example. Owners of its Galaxy smartphones in Britain appear to be the most loyal of the bunch, with only 5% saying they want to switch to the iPhone 5.

Driving the iPhone 5 lust is, unsurprisingly, its larger screen, highlighted as the most appealing by 19% of respondents. In second place, the higher speed Internet access, making use of the new LTE network which is being introduced to the UK by EE, was highlighted by 17% as most appealing. Interestingly, however, 39% of those surveyed said that none of the new features appeal to them, and 27% thought that the iPhone 5 had been over-hyped without anything exciting or innovative.

Maybe Apple does need a new magic trick after all.