iPhone 5 Pricing And Availability Revealed: $199 For 16GB, $299 For 32GB, $399 For 64GB, Ships On Sept. 21

Now that everyone’s appetite for the iPhone 5 has been whetted, when can people actually get one? Apple’s Phil Schiller took the stage after playing a brief video to talk up the new iPhone 5 to finally talk about availability.

The pre-orders for the device itself beings on September 14 (that’s Friday, in case you were curious), and the iPhone 5 will actually be released into the wild on September 21.

As usual, the iPhone 5 will be available in both black and white, and it will be the same price as the iPhone it replaces: $199 for a 16GB model, $299 for a 32GB model, and $399 for the big 64GB variant. Please note that’s strictly on-contract pricing through partners AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, though I wouldn’t imagine there to be a huge difference in the unlocked prices of these things when they become available. Of course, if the sales performance of previous iPhones is any indication, the initial run of iPhone 5s should get blown through pretty damned quickly.

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