VEVO: 40B Videos Watched Globally In The Last Year, Mobile Traffic Doubled In Q2 To 1.3B Streams

Back in March, VEVO rolled out a huge new redesign, which saw the major-label-owned music video giant add continuous playback and beef up its personalization and social features. Thanks to tight new integration with Facebook’s Open Graph, VEVO quickly saw a big increase in the number of videos watched and shared via the social network. Simultaneously, the company has been making a serious push on mobile and recently began rolling out its new features across redesigned mobile apps.

In fact, mobile continues to be VEVO’s fastest growing platform, the company said today in its Q2 viewership report, with 18 million mobile and tablet apps downloaded to date — up 146 percent from Q2 2011.

According to the report, VEVO’s most popular mobile platform is iOS, and its mobile traffic nearly doubled in Q2 2012 from the same period last year, with over 1.3 billion streams globally. Meanwhile, VEVO saw 450 million mobile video streams globally in June.

The number of monthly active users on mobile has grown 33 percent to 5 million in June 2012 compared to June 2011, while the average number of videos watched on mobile each month increased 11 percent to 15 videos per user.

The numbers also reveal that watching music videos continues to be a social experience — even on mobile — as 87 percent of VEVO viewers watched videos with someone else, while the same was true for 64 percent of mobile viewers.

Overall, 40 billion music videos were watched globally between July 2011 and June 2012, with 9.3 billion videos watched in the U.S. over that time period. Meanwhile, an average of 103 million videos are being watched on VEVO per day, with the platform’s global footprint now including 3 billion video streams globally each month.

Breaking that down, during the second quarter, the company saw its global monthly uniques reach 431 million in May and averaged 429 million for the quarter — an increase of 5 percent from the same time last year. VEVO’s global monthly video streams reached 3.3 billion in May, with an average of 3.2 billion for the quarter.

However, in month-to-month viewership, VEVO saw a decrease in overall traffic — which it says was less than 10 percent. It attributed this dip to both the “change in priority for what YouTube” — VEVO’s most important syndication partner — “promotes in its home pages” as well as seasonality, with Q2 generally having fewer music releases from big-name artists, something the company expects to increase in Q3 and Q4.