Hackathon Entrant Sirious Margaritas Is A Margarita Maker From The Future

As we approach the Technological Singularity it’s important to keep an eye on the harbingers of true superhuman artificial intelligence. While many will point to primitive projects by researchers at MIT and Stanford, I feel the history books will note Sirious Margaritas as the absolute point when man and machine will truly live in symbiosis.

Sirious Margaritas a highly complex system that allows you to tell Siri to make you a margarita. Using an ElectricImp board and a motor, the Sirious Margarita maker can dispense and blend margaritas remotely.

When the robots come to sentience and begin taking over the earth, remember this day. It is a turning point in our careers here on this planet and as the waves of self-replicating margarita-spewing blender robots begin roaring through our cities and destroying men, women, and children in an orgy of bladed destruction, our loved ones cut down and reduced into blood slurry designed to power the great mechanical leviathans that will soon roam the blasted global hellscape, we can only blame these men and their seemingly innocent drink-dispensing creation and damn their names to hell.