More Evidence For September 21 Ship Date For iPhone 5

Back in August, TechCrunch received word that Verizon was planning a vacation blackout for September 21 to September 30, indicating that would be the release date for the new iPhone 5. Now, new info suggests that’s the right date, based on different sources. MacRumors is reporting that FedEx is preparing for “surge volume” demand for shipments between September 21 and September 24.

The info comes in the form of a notice of class postponement for FedEx employee training, indicating that the shipper wants to have all hands on deck when it comes time to get the new iPhone into the hands of folks who pre-ordered and on retail shelves. Additional info received by Geeky Gadgets yesterday also claims to confirm that September 21 will be the release date for the iPhone in the U.S., the U.K. and some other countries. Apple is set to unveil its latest iPhone at a press event to be held next Tuesday at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, and we’ll be there, reporting the details as they come in.

Another interesting point to note: U.K. carriers Orange and T-Mobile U.K. have teamed up to create Everything Everywhere, a combined network that just announced it’ll be holding a special event on September 11, the day before Apple’s event. AndroidCentral says indications are that it’ll unveil a new LTE network at that time, ahead of the iPhone 5’s launch, which would make sense given the iPhone 5’s rumored LTE capabilities.