Twitter Launches Reporting And Promoted Tweets Self-Service Features

Twitter is moving the bus forward on monetizing itself and allowing brands to handle all of their advertising on the site. Today, the company announced two new self-service features that companies have been asking for.

Google has advertising nailed when it comes to self-service, and Facebook isn’t far behind. Allowing companies, both big and small, to manage their campaigns without company involvement only helps Twitter stay streamlined.

Here’s what the team had to say:

In March, we announced our self-service advertising solution, giving small businesses an easy way to use Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets. Since then, many of our early advertisers are finding success and driving results with Twitter advertising. Today, we’re releasing two new enhancements that our advertisers frequently request: follower growth reporting and manual Promoted Tweet selection.

The first feature is the most obvious one, a graph so you can track your growth over time. This is something that I’d like to have personally, but hey…I’m not Nike. The chart breaks up followers between paid and unpaid, so you can make sure that your dollars are being used wisely.

The second feature revolves around promoted tweets. Up until now, the advertising team had to work directly with a company to choose and set a promoted tweet, now these companies can simply do it themselves. Giving companies the flexibility to just let new tweets become promoted, or set one of the best ones to drive engagement is absolutely clutch.

I personally find promoted tweets annoying, unless they’re super contextual with events that are happening in the moment. That’s not to say it isn’t a powerful advertising play, it’s just something that takes time and thought. It’s not just banner ads and skyscrapers anymore, folks.

[Photo source: Flickr]