eBay Acquires Style-Focused, Social, Curated Shopping Site Svpply

eBay has just announced the acquisition of Svpply, a New York-based startup that aims to replicate the feeling of window-shopping online with a social, curated and personalized experience. The acquisition, the terms of which are undisclosed, was announced on the company’s blog,

Svpply offers curated selection of stylish merchandise from across the Web. The site allows you keep track of products you like. Based on your friends on Twitter and Facebook, Svvply will show you products they like, help you discover products from other users, and allows users to display galleries of items they want or own.

eBay issued this statement about the acquisition, Today, the company has acquired the innovative team and technology of Svpply.com, a website that unifies theonline retail shopping experience by bringing shoppers, tastemakers and merchants onto a single site.

As of May, the Svpply was seeing around 620,000 product views a week with 140,000 registered members and 700,000 unique users who come by to browse every month. They’ve also seen about 37,000 downloads of their iPhone and iPad apps, which were launched in May.

Svpply, which was co-founded by Vimeo designer Zach Klein, has raised $550,000 from Spark Capital, SV Angel, Dennis Crowley, Jason Hirschhorn and Founder Collective.

eBay says that with the acquisition, the company eBay “gains access to technology talent to further improve the shopping and selling experience for its customers. Svpply.com assets – including a talented team of six designers and developers – are well-suited to help eBay advance more personalized experiences and merchandising options on eBay.com.”

The Svpply team will work on merchandising, non-search discovery and browsing, and will remain in New York.

It’s an interesting acquisition for eBay, who also acquired New York-based personalization startup Hunch . eBay has been actively looking to add a more personalized and curated experience for shoppers. The company has included recommendations of similarly viewed or bought items for some time, and is looking to expand personalization efforts with PayPal, and invest in data mining capabilities.