Local Commerce Platform Zaarly Launches Storefronts To Showcase Its Top Service Providers

Last year, Zaarly launched its real-time mobile marketplace to connect users who need stuff done with those who will do it for them. But Zaarly is going beyond just making its platform available to all comers, and helping some of its top sellers create even more compelling marketplaces with the launch of Zaarly Storefronts.

Through Zaarly Storefronts, selected Zaarly sellers will now have a place to showcase their talents, with customer-facing websites that highlight their products and services to potential customers. Zaarly’s marketplace previously worked by letting users respond to requests for various services. But now, those with Zaarly Storefronts will be able to proactively sell to users in need of certain products or services. They will also be able to receive orders, confirm details, and accept payments through the platform.

To introduce Storefronts, Zaarly has handpicked* sellers who have proven very popular already on its platform, and given them tools to take their businesses to the next level. It’s a pretty high-touch operation, though, and a little different from just rolling out a platform that anyone can post their services to. For instance, Zaarly is sending out professional photographers and helping them build custom webpages that will appeal more to customers.

At launch, Zaarly will have about 120 featured sellers in San Francisco, with more than 1,000 items available through their storefronts. All items fall under one of its top 10 categories, which range from “Business Services” to “Wellness & Fitness” to “Home Services & Repairs.” While the initial launch is in San Francisco, Zaarly has also been aggressively on-boarding users in markets like New York and Los Angeles, and will introduce Storefronts in those markets as well.

While Zaarly started with service providers who have already had some success with its platform, it’s also taking applications for others who wish to create their own Storefronts. The hope is that over time, Zaarly will be able to reduce the amount of hand holding need to roll out each individual page.

* Other people writing in today’s Web-speak might say “curated,” but those people are assholes.