LinkedIn Adds Web Notifications For Accepted Connections and Shares, Mobile Coming Soon

LinkedIn has quickly turned itself into more of a communication hub for professionals than simply a place to connect, as of late. Today, the company has announced new functionality for those of you who would like to be notified when things are happening on the site.

Starting today, you’ll see notifications at the top of the LinkedIn homepage when someone has accepted your connection, you get a message or someone likes or comments on one of your shared posts. Soon, this will also be available for LinkedIn mobile apps.

Here’s what the company had to say on its blog:

This new feature is just starting to roll out today, so it may take a few weeks for all members to see the flag appear at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. In the meantime, start sharing a professional update, like a relevant news article, or comment on what your connections are discussing. We’ll take care of the rest and make sure you’re notified when people take actions on your updates.

And here’s what it will look like:

I personally have more notifications than I can handle throughout my day, be it tweets, Facebook messages or emails. If you heavily rely on LinkedIn, you’ll be pretty stoked about this though.

Notifications means more engagement, and LinkedIn would like all of you to dig deeper into the site, rather than just add someone that you met at a networking event. It’s smart on their part, but we’ll see if it gets too annoying to follow and keep up with.

[Photo Source: Flickr]